Case study: uphaar cinema -Low Quality Leads To Loss of Life!

Low Quality Leads To Loss of Life!

Fifty-seven people died in June 1997 when a fire broke out at an upmarket cinema hall in the heart of the Indian capital during the screening of a Hindi movie based on a war between India and arch-rival Pakistan in 1971.

Two people later died in hospital. The fire at the Uphaar Grand cinema was caused by sparks from transformers housed in the theatre’s basement and owned by the Delhi Electricity Board. Most of the victims were asphyxiated as panic-stricken people tried to reach dimly marked exits to escape the smoke and fire. On Thursday, a two-judge bench ordered the payment of 1.5 million rupees (31,250 dollars) to the relatives of the victims who were younger than 20 at the time of tragedy and 1.8 million rupees (37,500 dollars) each to those older than 20. The court also ordered compensation of 100,000 rupees each to all those injured in the accident.

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