Power Distribution Transformers:

Trafo, a company dedicated to quality and service, offers power and distribution transformers. Trafo’s manufacturing facilities at MIDC Pune, is one of the finest transformer manufacturing facilities in India and is equipped with all modern manufacturing and testing facilities required under IS 2026.

Transformers with ratings from 25 KVA to 10000 KVA and up to 33 KV class fall in our standard manufacturing range. Other types are also manufactured on special orders. Our transformers conform to the latest IS 2026 specification.  


The following tests will be carried out on all Transformers. The numbers shown do not necessarily indicate the sequence in which the tests will be carried out. All tests will be in accordance with The latest revision of IS 2026.

  1. Measurement of resistances of all windings of each unit.
  2. Ratio tests at all tap positions.
  3. Polarity and Vector group tests at normal tap.
  4. No load loss at rated voltage, rated frequency at normal tap.
  5. Excitation current measurements at rated voltage, rated frequency at normal tap.
  6. Impedance and load loss measurement at rated current, at normal tap of each unit.
  7. Separate Source Voltage withstand test.
  8. Induced over voltage withstand test.
  9. Measurement of insulation resistance.
  10. Dielectric capacity of the transformer oil.

The design and manufacture of our transformers are subject to constant improvement and review, and the particulars given in this catalogue may vary in details with the equipment supplied.


The following tests are also conducted at out factory if specifically asked for by our customer:

  1. Unbalance current test.
  2. Vacuum and pressure testing of transformer tank.
  3. Heat run test.
  4. Measurement of zero sequence impedance.
  5. Measurement of noise level.
  6. Magnetic balance test.

Technical specifications of Distribution transformer

Transformer Construction

The main features of Trafo‟s “Zero Defect” transformers are as follows:

CORE: Core is built up from low loss cold rolled, grain oriented silicon steel laminations of superior grade, having mitred joints to reduce losses.

WINDINGS: Cylindrically shaped and assembled concentrically windings are designed to meet three fundamental requirements viz. Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical. Windings are made of high grade Copper / Aluminum, conductors and are Paper Covered/ Super Enameled as the case warrants.

INSULATION & IMPREGNATION: In order to prevent deformation when subjected to short circuit forces, solid block and insulation is utilized.

QUALITY ASSURANCE & ACCEPTANCE TESTS: All incoming materials are subjected to strict inspection by engineers as per IS Specifications.

Transformer Testing

We have various transformer testing equipments with us. To view the list of testing equipments click on the link : Transformer testing equipment


We have various transformer testing equipments with us.






1 Electric Alternator Kirloskar 12.5 KVA,1500 RPM 1No.
2 oh Hindustan 15KW, 2900 RPM 1No.
3 Continuously variable Automatic 100 KVA, 3 phase, 1 No.
  Auto Transformer Electic 0-470 Volt output  
4 High Voltage TestingTransformer Local 0-100 KV, 1 phase 1 No.
5 Ratio Testing Meter Electrotech 0-1000 Ratio 1No.
6 Testing Transformer Trafo Input-400 KVA 3phase,  
      Miltiple voltageoutput 1No.
7 H.V. InsulationB.D.V. Testing set. Agronic 0-5 KV 1No.
      0-30 MA  
8 Oil B.D.V testingSet, Motorised Uday 0-100KV 1No.
9 Digital Micro-OhmMeter Agronic 1999 micro-ohm to 1No.
      19.99 Kilo-ohm 1 No.
10 Meggar, Motorised WACO 0-5000 volts  
      0-10000 Meg ohm 1 No.
11 Meggar, Manual Uday 0-1000V 1No.
      0-500V 1No.
12 Multimeter R. & S. 0-1000V,AC 1No.
      0-10A, AM  
      0-50 K,ohm  
13 Multimeter Motwane    ”   ” 1No.
14 Wheatstone Bridge Toshniwal .10,000 ohm 1 No.
15 Kelvin Double Bridge Toshniwal 100 Milli ohm 1No
  with spot-lightGalvanometer      
16 Tong Tester Maco c-10-25-50-1000A 1No
17 PotentialTransformer    22000-11000-660/110V 3 Nos.
18 Current Transformer Nippon 100-75-50-25-12/5 A 3Nos.
19 Current Transformer   Bare Primary type,200/5A 3Nos.
20 Portable Waltmeter A.E. 1phase,current2.5/5A, 2Nos.
21 Portable Waltmeter A.E. Accuracy-0.5 2Nos.
22 Portable Waltmeter A.E. 500V,20A, 2Nos.
23 Killowatt meter A.E. 0-10KW, Square 2 Nos.
      type dial.  
24 Voltmeter AC/DC A.E. 150/300/600V 3 Nos.
      0.5 accuracy  
25 Voltmeter A.E. 0-1000V, 4″ dial 1No.
26 Voltmeter A.E. Sq.dial,0-25KV 3Nos.
27 Voltmeter   Sq.dial,0-300V 3Nos.
28 Voltmeter Shanti Sq.dial,0-600V 3Nos.
29 Voltmeter Uday Sq.dial, 0-500V 3Nos.
30 Voltmeter Shanti 0-1000V  1No.
31 Voltmeter Nippon 0-75KV 1No.
32 Voltmeter Shanti 0-15KV 1No.
33 Ammeter AC/DC A.E. 0-2A,0-5A 3Nos.
      0.5 accuracy  
34 Ammeter Nippon 0-2/0-5A 3No
      0-5 Accuracy  
35 Frequency Meter A.E. 0-120 Hz. 1No
      4″ square dial  
36 Hand Tachometer Jones 0-3000 RPM 1No
37 Alcohol Thermometer   0-50 C 4Nos.
38 Capacitor Natraj 440V,3ph., 5Nos.
      25 KVAR